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Levanture Overview

Since its inception, Levanture Inc has been governed by its ethics and core values. Levanture is a leading provider of IT Solutions and services to businesses across the Globe. Levanture Inc has earned the reputation of being an excellent employer and has seen an exodus of IT professionals opting to work with us. Attracted by its reputation as an excellent Employer, IT Professionals opt to work with Levanture more than any other company. Levanture Inc’s IT Professionals are selected and nurtured for their niche expertise as they are for their ability to adapt to specialized Skills - knowledge and technologies to changing customer requirements for their business needs. These professionals are selected as much for their niche expertise as they are for their ability to adapt specialized knowledge to change customer requirements based on customer needs.

Levanture Inc’s growth and success can be attributed in large part to the dedication and skill of our Associates and unparalleled support from our Clients. Levanture Associates have the connections to the best IT and engineering jobs at the finest companies. Levanture offers unparalleled flexibility and career advancement opportunities with challenging IT Research and Development jobs in the IT Industry.

The Levanture approach to partnering with our clients is to empower them through a flexible holistic relationship in which we constantly ask ourselves "how can we provide more value?" Much of our work comes through client referral and we tend to offer and provide service where we are genuinely interested in and empathetic about our work for the Client Organization. We are not only thinkers but doers as well in providing IDeas as well as execution.


Whatever a client's particular needs, we have the breadth and depth of experience to get the job done. And, since we are independent of any hardware or software vendors, our clients can be assured we remain objective and focused.

Industry, Clients, Employees and Community - At Levanture, Everyone Wins.

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