Leveraging an Advanced Future - Welcome to Levanture Inc. A Technology Company

Levanture's Global Services division is a full business IT solutions provider. Levanture provides a range of services in a wide range of IT Verticals. Our pro customer approach is to become your partner to let you achieve your success potential leveraged through our IT resources.


With our solutions, our customers or client’s business objectives will always take precedence. We will employ the best and proven methodology and technologies to plan, deploy and upgrade the solutions. For time bound services our objective will always be to save our client’s time and cost, through our experienced pool of IT professionals and a qualified project management team. For long term IT services, our objective will be again to save client’s time and cost by lowering management overhead, yet still retaining the top quality IT professional.

At Levanture we have a qualified and seasoned management team. Our experienced IT professionals are carefully chosen to fit our diverse clients with diversified technical needs, expectations and work culture. We continuously strive to stay in the forefront of technology.

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