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Levanture Inc's leaders bring decades of diverse experience and a history of success. As A Team we are all IT Savvy and combining this with Business Acumen, our Executives and Our Team guide more talented employees to create innovative products and solutions that enable customers around the world to have confidence in their Infrastructure, Information and Interactions. We have the best leaders who drive the organization in a stealth mode with the right attitude and the right power by staying focused. Individually and also as one team we are all Dynamic-Power-Performers.


"Employee First" and our strength is our TEAM and our Team is an Outstanding Team. A Team that is aggressive in delivering and meeting the deadlines, A Team that is Innovative, Imaginative and Creative. A Team that works from different parts of the Globe, A Team that works as one family. Together WE Work and Together WE Deliver and ALL of us believe in one thing and that is TEAMWORK.


Srini Garikipati

President & CEO

As a Consecutive Successful Entrepreneur at heart with strong willpower and sharp Focus and a Go-Getter mind-set, Srini Garikipati has gained a solid reputation among Associates, Clients and Business Partners. With Modernization, Imagination and Innovation he has led the organization to achieve incredible escalation. Mr.Garikipati’s focus is to always make the Customers and Associates Successful so the Company can be Successful. Mr. Garikipati believes that the true stake holders of an organization are its Employees and its Clients, keeping this in view he and his team has created an enterprise that is Strong, Powerful, Committed and yet Focused on growth and build valuable partnership with everyone associated with Levanture Inc.

Mr. Garikipati demonstrates Levanture’s Commitment in helping clients accomplish high Performance not only as CEO Of Levanture’s Technology Growth Platform but with responsibility for the full range of Levanture’s Technology Consulting and Developing Solutions as well as the Company’s delivery abilities, Including its Global Delivery Network. He leads Levanture’s Technology Modernization, including the Levanture Technology Development Center, The Levanture Software Business, and Development of emerging Technologies including Cloud, Analytics and Social and Digital media. He is a proven leader with profound expertise in increasing strong client relationships, a passion for building outstanding client teams and a well-organized focus on operations and execution.

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