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Technology is pivotal to business. Ensuring IT systems 24 hours uptime, ensuring the availability of application software, mail server, database connectivity and other office applications, is key to data crunching and MIS. As businesses grow & segregate into multiple business units and geographies, the significance of data increases and the infrastructure on which it resides becomes very critical.


The biggest challenges faced by enterprises in the area of systems operations are

  • Managing availability & performance of the systems round-the-clock
  • Efficient asset discovery & management
  • Qualified resources who guarantee best-in-class services
  • Performance optimization & capacity planning
  • Standardization of technologies
  • Optimizing IT investment

Levanture Inc can manage your mission-critical IT infrastructure and leverage the tools and expertise needed to improve the reliability and security of your IT infrastructure. These services are designed specifically for mid-sized organizations and cover the entire spectrum of IT infrastructure such as

  • Desktop management
  • Network management
  • Systems & Application management
  • Remote Management
  • Back-up and Storage management

Our consultants have in-depth knowledge and experience designing, deploying and integrating infrastructure management solutions. We offer a hybrid approach of onsite as well as offsite models, understanding that different organizations may prefer a suitable blend of the two approaches.

We can also set up a dedicated operations management center for you and remotely connect to your network through a secure connection. We leverage our program management, project management & technology capabilities and skill sets to deliver our services effectively.

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