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Our custom web application development experience and expertise covers a broad range: development of independent small single user applications to integrated enterprise wide applications, custom reporting to meet your business intelligence needs, additions to existing applications, external web sites, and corporate intranet portals.

Levanture Inc believes that web applications are paramount to carry out online business efficiently in both micro as well as macro levels. The custom web application developments designed by experts are capable of improving the efficacy of any aspect of your business.

The experienced developers and skilled programmers at Levanture Inc work in close association with the clients. The team at Levanture Inc conceptualizes your specifications and then evaluates all the long-term and immediate objectives of your development needs. Levanture Inc offers hi-end professional web applications for your business requirements. A creative team of best professionally educated, skilled and experienced programmers and highly professional managers are always at your disposal on your development project.


  • Project Prediction
  • Plan formulation
  • Setting up the team and infrastructure
  • Coding and Development
  • Testing and Quality analysis
  • Ensuring application stability
  • Deployment
  • Technical support and maintenance

Experts at Levanture Inc work closely with you to analyze short and long-term goals and develop an in-depth understanding of your web application development needs. We push boundaries to create unique web designs. To ensure the highest level of quality, each application undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing throughout development and is deployed through systematic launch processes. First of all, we take adequate care to ensure that your web application requirements are taken care of with the latest technological standards so that you remain in an advantageous position over your peers globally. Secondly, the cost and labor of installing software devices with each and every client computer also gets significantly reduced with web-based applications taking up a much bigger share of the load. Our proficiency is not limited to any web technology or any platform and databases.

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