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Enterprise Architecture is essential to the success of any large-scale distributed system. The architecture becomes the foundation for the system and the functionality of the system is built upon this foundation. Enterprise Architecture includes both application architecture and a technical architecture. Each organizes system functions into a set of services that can be invoked by multiple applications.

Levanture Inc provide architecture design services for messaging, data architectures, host connectivity and networking, end effective distributed computing in enterprise environments.

Our focus is primarily on new and emerging technologies within an enterprise architecture framework. Our Delivery Model is to help clients develop enterprise-level technology strategies. Our engagement model is to align business, user and system perspectives to make certain that the solutions we develop are holistic, flexible, scalable and cost-effective.

From technical viewpoint, our core strengths spans across portal and enterprise data management as well as transaction-based workflows and collaboration solutions. With our experience and expertise, we’re able to blend strategic thinking, user-centric design principles, and a service-oriented approach to architecture to get you more than you thought possible from your technology spend.


Levanture Inc’s essential approach is to forge partnerships with clients. We add real value to our clients by our ability to customize each of our engagements to solve unique challenges. We help you overcome your challenges by applying sophisticated technical know-how, domain expertise, and creative problem-solving.

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